Around 20 parents/children/local residents attended the Cupertino Public Safety Commission monthly meeting, voicing their concerns on the public safety implications of Verizon's cell tower project. The Public Safety Commission acknowledged their concerns and and requested those public safety issues to be placed on the city agenda. The 4 commissioners who approved the request are:
Any Huang (Chair): YES
Robert McCoy (Vice Chair): YES
 Mike Jerbic: YES
Gerald Tallinger: YES


The parents appealed the Planning Commissioner's decision to the City of Cupertino. The date when the Cupertino City Council will discuss this appeal is TBD.


Over 20 parents/local residents attended the Cupertino Planning Commission meeting, voicing their objections to the cell tower planned by Verizon. Unfortunately, the Planning Commission approved Verizon's proposal with a 3:2 vote. Among the 5 commissioners: 
Alan Takahashi, Don Sun: NO
Paul Brophy (Chair), Winnie Lee (Vice Chair), Margaret Gong: YES