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Please Comment on the Biased Mercury News Article on Cell Tower Issues

posted Mar 12, 2015, 4:15 PM by Julia Zhao
Mercury News just published a biased article "Cupertino parent group rallies against cell equipment proposal in FUHSD". Please write to the author Alia Wilson and/or post comments under the article to reveal the truths and requesting a fair report from her.

Here are some of our comments:
1.We parents never said William Hammett is an employee of Verizon. We only said that he works for Verizon as contractor, as well works for FUHSD. He presented to the FUHSD board in the 02/03/15 board hearing. The board members knew his background, what is point to order another report from him? 
2. It's NOT common that high schools have cell towers installed. In the FUHSD's 5 high schools, 2 of them (Monta Vista and Homestead) have no cell towers. Many high schools out of FUHSD never have cell towers.