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Monday April 13, 2015 -- "What is real reason to install cell towers?"

posted Apr 24, 2015, 1:06 PM by Julia Zhao   [ updated Apr 24, 2015, 2:12 PM ]
FUHSD board members and superintendent:

We got an email from Sue Larson stating her absence from 04/13 to 04/20. We want to remind you it's FUHSD's responsibility to find a substitute for Sue Larson when she is absent and to make sure all district work is done on time. If you can not provide the documents related to cell tower in time, you shall postpone the public hearing of cell tower scheduled on 05/19 to another time. Also, because Lynbrook auditorium is not available on 05/19, we request this public hearing not on Tuesday, but any other day among week days after 05/19/2015 in Lynbrook auditorium. 

Last weekend, we have several groups sending flyers and getting petition signatures in after-school and at the Cupertino Library on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We are glad to see more and more support from the community. Almost all parents agree with us. Most of their questions are:
1. Why board members allow cell towers installed in school, given so much information and data about health concerns related to radiation caused by cell towers?
2. With such strong community voice against this proposal, why didn't board members deny this proposal, but push forward by ordering unnecessary reports? 
3. If emergency communication is really the true reason to install cell towers in schools, why do so many schools have no cell towers yet they did a better job in emergency communication than schools with cell tower? Why are there 2 schools in FUHSD-----Monta Vista and Homestead High School----that have no cell tower, while another 3 schools have 8 already and will have 10 total? Don't the board member care about these two schools in emergency, especially with two board members that have kid or grandchildren in these two schools? Don't they care about their kids in emergency? 
4. How often do emergencies happen in school------once every 100 years or once every 10 years? Comparing to Fire station, which one has much more demand on emergency notice? Why did the Los Angeles fire-fighter board reject cell tower installation in their fire stations several weeks ago, while FUHSD will put total of 10 cell towers above thousands of students' and staffs' heads? Is it truly for emergency communication?

All questions come to one question: Are the 5 board members of FUHSD so dumb that they believe emergency communication a real reason to install cell towers in school? If so, how could they represent the whole school district? Or they are in fact very smart, but they're using their smartness to help cell companies, not to work for the school district and community? If they are smart enough to work for cell companies and don't care about the community's voice, how could they represent the whole school district?

We need answers for these questions. The whole community needs answers as well.

NoTowerInSchools Inc.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.   
                                                               -- Martin Luther King, Jr.