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Tuesday April 21, 2015 -- "We are getting more and more support from community"

posted Apr 24, 2015, 1:30 PM by Julia Zhao   [ updated Apr 24, 2015, 2:23 PM ]
FUHSD board members and superintendent:

Last weekend we were very busy. We organized several groups to spread the news of cell tower installation in schools to the community. We sent out flyers, put up yard signs, gathered signature for the petition letter, etc. We are proud to announce we already collected over 2000 signatures. A couple of board trustees may see "No Tower In Schools" signs around your area. That is the community voice. As some trustees are used to ignoring community voice, it's better to be reminded every day. This Monday morning at 8:30 AM, radio FM 96.1 reported what happened in Lynbrook and Cupertino High School on cell tower issue, what FUHSD did and what parents and residents did and will do. This is the 4th time they reported this matter. As the news was always reported in morning rush hour around 8:30 AM, many people got this news on the way to work and learn more and more information. Many people start to support us after hear it.
During the walk in the community and knock on doors, we are glad to get more and more support from community as well,  even in area like Monta Vista high school. Although people living there has nothing to worry about this matter, they still support our concept of NO TOWER IN SCHOOLS. This is unanimous whether their kids are in the preschool, the elementary or middle school, let along the high school. If you didn't hear community voice strongly against cell tower installation in school before, that's not because people agrees it, that's because they don't know it. When you ask for donation, you send emails to all parents. But when you plan to install cell tower, you never sent any email to parents, but only put it as one item in meeting agenda on web for a couple of days. It is obvious most parents won't check board meeting agenda every item carefully, so the chance parents know it is much lower than notified by email. As you didn't notify public well, we'll do it for you. Let us see majority of our community will agree you or support us. 

NoTowerInSchools Inc.

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