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Wednesday April 22, 2015 -- "A letter from community"

posted Apr 24, 2015, 1:32 PM by Julia Zhao   [ updated Apr 24, 2015, 2:24 PM ]
FUHSD board members and superintendent:

We got a letter from a parent. He wants us to forward it to you:

"Many people know the FUHSD is one of the best public high school districts in the nation and these are the result of the joint efforts from many aspects, including: students, teachers, staff, administration, parents and the community! It is sure that our board members have been contributing a lot to govern the school district for the best education for our kids! 

Unfortunately, in last a few months, the cell tower issue seriously damages the trust of the parent community to the Board, and more and more parents across entire district get seriously concerned and keep asking why and how, and what will be, especially after 4/7/2015 Board Meeting at Lynbrook got widely reported by the media.

As a citizen and long-time registered voter, I believe that all Board members need to think the entire issue thoroughly. As voters-elected public officers, you should sincerely listen to the voices/opinions from parents/voters, since your power is given and authorized by the voters. The reason voters elected you is because they believe and expect you can best serve public and community. On the other hand, you, Board members, are also common citizens as other voters – and we all have legal obligation and must obey the laws with no exception! 

It is said there are some unlawful conducts or activities related to the Board and its members, such as  interest conflict, misleading public, expel media, discrimination, and violation of laws and regulations at different levels (federal, state, or local),  all these definitely and seriously shake the community’s trust! 

As a long-time FUHSD parent and a voter, I want to friendly remind the Board and each of the board members, please understand your rule and legal obligations as both public-elected officers and responsible citizens. 

I strongly believe that no one wants to see this cell tower issue to tear off our FUHSD community, ruin our nationwide top schools, and put further negative and long-term impact to FUHSD!

Thank you very much for your attention!"

It is true that the trust from community to FUHSD has been seriously damaged in past several months. You are damaging it more and more if you still push this matter towards Verizon's plan.

NoTowerInSchools Inc.

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