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Wednesday April 15, 2015 -- "You are aware of health concern related to radiation of cell towers"

FUHSD board members and superintendent:

We'd like to share a great news with all of you: Mobile firms face lawsuits
Mobile firms face lawsuits
Some of the world's largest mobile phone companies are facing billion-pound lawsuits brought by brain tumour victims. The move is the biggest ever legal assault on ...
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In this article, it says: "Some of the world's largest mobile phone companies are facing billion-pound lawsuits brought by brain tumour victims. The biggest ever legal assault on the industry will seek to prove that handsets can cause cancer and that firms have deliberately covered up crucial medical information.....If the American action is successful, mobile phone companies will face crippling bills for compensation.......Vodafone, in particular, was said to be a potential target because it owns 45pc of the firm Verizon Wireless, which is said to be named in nearly all the lawsuits.....The lawsuits are being brought by one of America's most successful lawyers, Peter Angelos, who recently helped to win £3billion in damages for smokers who suffer from cancer.
John Pica, an attorney at Mr Angelos's firm, said: 'If these companies knew about the dangers of cell phone radiation, they should be punished and they should be punished dearly - not only for what they did to the public, but for the billions of pounds of profits they made.'"

Board members and superintendent, if you think this law suit is about handset radiation and has nothing to do with cell tower radiation, you shall re-think about it. Our point on cell tower matter is like attorney John Pica said-----if the decision makers knew about the dangers of cell tower radiation, they still insist on putting cell towers above thousands teenagers and staffs' head, they shall be PUNISHED and they shall be PUNISHED DEARLY!  Now that you've been made aware of the potential affect of brain cancer, again and again, one article and one book after another, yet if you still choose to believe only what cell companies tell you----it is safe and harmless, how could you make yourself stand in the potential lawsuit in the future?

You claimed you are not expert of cell tower or radiation, so may not know much information about them. We have shown you evidence that FCC regulation is not sufficient to rule out the risk of brain cancer. Besides the emails, papers and slides related to the health concerns of radiation caused by cell towers we submitted to you in past months by emails and during board meetings, on 04/07 during a board meeting, we gave each one of you a book named "Overpowered". This book talks about how harmful radiation is in our life, including radiation of cell towers etc, and how radiation effects a person's health. It won't take you much time to get this knowledge from this book. Reading 10 to 15 minutes every day on it until the next public hearing on cell towers, you will have an idea about how dangerous radiation is by then. If you refuse to make time to read it and still say "I have no idea about how dangerous radiation is", from our understanding, you are in fact saying "I don't care about radiation caused by cell towers. I don't care about thousands of teenager's and staff's health."  

Some of you may say: "I read the book, but I don't think the point is right. I think what Verizon report saying is right." We are telling you, this book is our point. You have right to choose listen to our point, or to Verizon's point. We have right to elect you, or recall you, or sue you. Remember, all the right and authorities in your hand today is given by people. Without people's support, you have NOTHING.

NoTowerInSchools Inc.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.   
                                                               -- Martin Luther King, Jr.