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Lynbrook Gym Structure Report

Please check out the NTIS official Lynbrook Gym Roof Structure Report prepared by Zhihui Huang, Ph.D. P.E., S.E. 

Please also sing this petition to help NTIS's law suit against Fremont Union School District regarding Lynbrook Gym Roof Safety.

Sept. 1 7:30pm Board Meeting @ Cupertino High

On Tuesday Sept. 1st 6:30PM, the FUHSD board members will cast their final votes on Lynbrook High ATT cell tower lease. Please attend this meeting with your friends and neighbors to speak out your oppositions to the ATT renewal! Please wear our “no-tower” T-shirts to show our power! Together we can stop ATT's cell tower from radiating to the Lynbrook High students for another 25 years!

Time: September 1, 7:30pm
Place: Cupertino High, 10100 Finch Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014

Please help us forward this flyer to your friends and neighbors.

Here are some facts you may want to know:
  • There are 7 cell poles on Lynbrook gym roof. The Gym has been leaking raining water after ATT's 4 cell poles were installed in 2011, a sign that the 50-year-old roof is lack of maintenance and may be overloaded. If the roof collapses in strong storms or earthquakes, the 7 cell poles may not be straight any more or fell down. Your kids and nearby neighbors may be exposed in high radiation.
  • The 4 huge cabinets next to the gym bring potential chemical hazard to thousands kids
  • The district had allowed ATT cell poles on gym roof without building certificate in first 2 years of lease period. This is a violation of law
  • Without inspection and safety analysis, on 08/18, the district approved ATT cell tower lease renewal until 2021. Although it was rescinded due to violation of Brown Act, the district will re-vote it and most likely they will still approve it. The only reason is for money, despite it brings great risk on thousands kids' and neighbor’s health and safety
  • With three cell towers on site, current RF exposure level in Lynbrook High is already 1000 timeshigher than “no-tower” schools!  The long term exposure of RF increases the chance of brain cancer/Leukemia, mental illness and impact male fertility
  • All 5 board members have NO kids or grandchild in 3 schools with cell towers. These 3 schools have 8 cell towers, contributing a quarter million $ for district per year

NTIS Official Complaint Letter to Fremont Union High School District

Dear Mr. Jon Gundry,


On behalf of No-Towers-In-Schools Corp-----a non-profit organization, funded by hundreds parents of FUHSD, we want to bring your attention to numerous misconducts of the Fremont Union High School District Office; and some of these may have legal issues.

Questionable illegal contract with ATT in 2010

Current rent from ATT cell towers at Lynbrook High School gym roof exceptional low of $1639/month, which is 20-25% of market price as we know, and 40% lower than the average of all other existing cell towers in same site at $2600 around. We want to know how ATT got such favorable contract.

Being a Superintendent, Mrs. Polly Bove has been holding ATT stocks since 2010.  

Per district officer, all communications between the district and ATT for this cell tower contract from 2010 is lost in the computer server except an extension request sent by ATT in June, 2015.

The district never provided a market research analysis report on the cell-tower rental market in 2010 when it was contracting. The district also never responed when the public asked if the district accepts whatever ATT offered without any bargain when it was contracting.  


These questions raised deep concern on legality of the 2010 ATT contract, such as severe corruptions or conflict of interest, since no record was available to examine the contracting process.


Cheating the public and wasting public fund


At the district meeting that was for discussing Verizon's cell towers on Feb 3rd, 2015, the district office was asked by the Board of Trustee to conduct an INDEPENDENT report for the safety and necessity of Verizon's cell towers. A couple of weeks later, the district ordered the report from Bill Hammett, a contractor that worked for the Verizon.  The report, was not an “independent” but favored by Verizon since Bill Hammett has been Verizon’s contractor for many years. The district was aware of it in advance. Per Bill Hammett, the report FUHSD ordered is same as the one he did for Verizon. He had presented the report in public hearing in front of all board trustees and the district officers on Feb 3rd, 2015. It's wasting public fund to order a duplicated report. The goal is to cheat the public and board trustees.

Only one-side presentations has been arranged

The district uses public fund for presentations on public hearing only on one-side, which is favoring vendor, not both-sides of two-sided opinion. As a public facility, the district should provide presentations with both-sides opinion on public issues. However, the district uses public fund on only one-side presentations, and even a presenter is the cell companies' contractor with biased opinions and the district is aware of it very well. Next Tuesday, 08/18, Bill Hammett, the cell company's contractor, is hired by the district to do a presentation again on a public hearing favoring ATT cell tower lease extension. The district is not on a neutral and impartial position on public issues and fund use, but a highly biased position.


Manipulating data to mislead public 


After the aforementioned report being disqualified to serve as evidence, the district officer invited parents and Bill Hammett to measure the RF in a few school sites on May 1st, 2015.  The measurement, tested by Bill Hammett and monitored by parents and staffs, revealed that the RF radiation at Lynbrook High School was several hundred times of a school without cell towers. The test confirmed our parents' earlier measurement results and the instrument used in line was on a professional standard.  However, the district office has failed to deliver the final report despite repetitive requests from parents. 


Refusing to issue the formal report on the measurement of RF from cell towers, the District used public fund to order a total RF measurement from a different company-EBI Consulting.  The EBI report revealed no cell towered school had higher total RF radiation than schools with cell towers. The district office officially post the EBI report on its web site now, in the field of "Cell equipment".  This tactic intends to confuse public and the board of trustees by substituting the cell tower RF with total RF including non-cell-tower and cell tower RF. The fund used on this report is for misleading public only.

Favored Treatment of the Employee Presenter

The district office made an arrangement with a science teacher, Roy Rocklin from Lynbrook High School, who is also a cancer survivor, to present that "the cell towers in the school is safer than no cell tower."  However, the teacher's cancer is probably related to the long-time exposure of cell towers due to his job.  This is equal to arrange a smoker with lung cancer to say tobacco is safe.  


To augment this presentation favoring vendor ATT, the district allotted a special 10 minutes for his presentation with power point slides to show an unrelated agenda item (10.1) on August 4, 2015, which should had been presented in public communication session for only three minutes without slide.  



District is public facility, the entire duty is providing safe environment for kids. However, FUHSD leases public property for commercial use to make  revenue, despite strong opposition from thousands parents due to health and safety concern. And the district has used its authority and public fund to convince the board trustees to approve the cell tower's installation and extension lease.

Attached please find all 9 cell towers rent in FUHSD, and ATT cell tower lease.

Look forward to hearing from you.

NoTowerInSchools Inc.
A California Non-profit Organization

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.                                                                  -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

对于和我们休戚相关的事情, 我们不再被动地默默忍受,这就是我们生命的真正开始."

                   -- 马丁.路德.金

ATT Lynbrook Tower Lease

FUHSD Wireless Tower Rental Prices

We Won!

Dear parents,

Great news! Fremont Union High School District board members voted 4:1 (Mr. Jeff Moe voted NO) on Tuesday April 28th to "deny Verizon’s proposal to install cell equipment at both Cupertino and Lynbrook High Schools"! We won this battle! NoTowerInSchools wants to thank everyone for their efforts and supports! Next step, removing all existing cell towers in FUHSD schools!

Below is official notice posted on the FUHSD web site 

"FUHSD Board's Decision on Verizon's Proposal

At the April 28, 2015 Fremont Union High School District Board of Trustees meeting an agenda item for the Board’s consideration referred to Verizon’s proposal to add cell equipment to Cupertino High School and to Lynbrook High School.  This item was previously included on the Feb. 3, 2015 FUHSD Board of Trustees meeting agenda. However, at that February meeting the agenda item was tabled and the Board of Trustees asked that additional information be obtained to ascertain whether or not there are any other viable alternate locations that would provide reliable communication at Cupertino High School and Lynbrook High School. Unfortunately, Verizon has not provided satisfactory information in response to the Board’s request.  Therefore, FUHSD staff recommended that the FUHSD Board of Trustees deny Verizon’s proposal to install cell equipment at Cupertino and Lynbrook High Schools.  


When the agenda item concerning Verizon’s proposal was addressed at the April 28, 2015 meeting extensive public communication was received and community members provided their input about Verizon’s proposal.  Included in this input was information presented by Verizon’s attorney.  Following the public communication section of the meeting, the individual Board of Trustees shared their thoughts about Verizon’s proposal and communication provided at FUHSD Board meetings held in February, March, and April.  


A motion was then moved and seconded to accept the FUHSD staff recommendation to deny Verizon’s request to install cell equipment at Cupertino High School and Lynbrook High School.  The motion was approved by a vote of 4-1.  Therefore, the FUHSD Board of Trustees voted to deny Verizon’s request. "

April 23, 105
FUHSD board members and superintendent:

Just let you know: a parent of FUHSD put cell tower news on her Facebook and ask all friends copy it to all their Facebook. We are spreading it to thousands friends in Facebook. Most of them are residences in FUHSD. Here is what it is:

"Fremont union high school district are planing to install cell towers on Lynbrook and Cupertino high schools. The radiation generated by these tall eye sores can cause debilitating health effects of children studying there all year long. Studies suggest nearby families could get sick too, yet the board of trustees is erecting these toxic towers without required studies. Voting date is on May 19th. I need your help to stop this and protect our kids, please send email to board members to say No cell tower in schools: http://www.fuhsd.org/trustees ,or sign petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/…/no-wireless-antennas-in-cuperti… ,or call them at 408-522-2200."

-- NoTowerInSchools, a California Non-profit Organization

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.                                                                  -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Media Coverage on the April 7th Rally

MYTH: FUHSD board says that the new wireless towers on Cupertino High and Lynbrook High campus are required for emergency communications.
TRUTH2: Look at the following table, out of the 5 high schools in FUHSD, Monta Vista High and Homestead High have NONE cell towers. How would those two schools handle emergency communications based on FUHSD boards' argument?
   Monta Vista  Homestead Cupertino  Lynbrook  Fremont
 Existing  0 0  3  4
 Verizon Plan  0  0  4  4

A Lynbrook parent bought an EMF meter and tested the RF radiation level in both Lynbrook High School and Monta Vista High School. The test results are shocking:
  • In Lynbrook High our kids are exposed to RF radiation stronger than a using cell phone next to ear, when hanging out at Rally Court, for hours every day.
  • The radiation level in Lynbrook High is several hundred times higher than Monta Vista High (Lynbrook already has three cell towers installed and Monta Vista has none, but the school district insists to install the 4th one!)

News & Events

  • August 18, 6:00pm FUHSD Board Meeting @ Monta Vista High On Tuesday Aug. 18 6:00PM, the FUHSD board members will vote on Lynbrook High School ATT cell tower renewal. Please attend this meeting with your friends and neighbors to speak out your oppositions to the ATT renewal! Please wear our “no-tower” T-shirts to show our power! Together we can stop ATT's cell tower from radiating to the Lynbrook High students for another 25 years!Time: August 18, 6:00pmPlace: Monta Vista High Auditorium,  21840 McClellan Rd. Cupertino, CA 95014We provide day-care and food to the meeting attendees. Please fill out the sign-up sheet before Sunday Aug. 16 to facilitate our arrangements.Please also help us distribute the following flyers to your friends ...
    Posted Aug 10, 2015, 11:15 AM by Julia Zhao
  • April 11, 2015 Letter to FUHSD Dear FUHSD board members and superintendent:In the past two months, you may or may not be moved by our voices, but we never stopped our steps! We've been busy on collecting signatures from parents, sending out flyers to communities, posting news to media, designing and ordering anti cell tower T-shirts and yard signs, educating our kids about democracy and human rights...More and more people are now aware of the cell tower issues and joining our campaign. We are so glad that our group is growing every week, every day! The most important thing is that our non-profit organization NoTowerInSchools has been registered.  Now we can hire an experienced attorney to represent us and start legal ...
    Posted Apr 13, 2015, 1:49 PM by Julia Zhao
  • Please Join the April 7th Rally at Lynbrook High! Time: 7:00PM, April 7th, 2015Address: Lynbrook High Auditorium, 1280 Johnson Ave, San Jose 95129 (the YELLOW dot in the picture below)The board of trustees of the Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) will have a meeting at Lynbrook High on April 7th. The new Verizon cell tower plans for Lynbrook and Cupertino High will be discussed again. Parents will be allowed to speak and express their opinions. Please join this event with your kids and express your objections against the cell towers!We will provide the yellow "No Cell Towers In Schools" T-shirt. You can pick up the shirt at Rainbow Park this Sunday (April 5th) 4:00-6:30PM. Please donate $20 for each shirt ...
    Posted Apr 10, 2015, 12:08 PM by Julia Zhao
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mission is to ban wireless communication facilities (i.e., towers, antennas, etc.) in schools. Our current objective is to stop Verizon's plan to install wireless towers in both Cupertino High School and Lynbrook High School.

4/24/15      Total Revenue                   $11,916.85
             Total Expenditure                  $  2,420.48
                           Balances                   $  9,496.37

4/27/15: We are collecting signatures (paper or online) for our petition "No Wireless Towers in any FUHSD/CUSD Schools". We have collected 2123 signatures (1216 paper & 907 online).

At Cupertino High School, Verizon's plan is to mount 6 panel antennas on an existing sports field light pole, a base equipment station located in a sports field building, and an emergency generator located in a fenced area on a concrete pad (click here for details).


Cupertino High Proposed Cell Tower Installation

At Lynbrook High School, Verizon's plan is to install 6 Andrew Model SBNH-1D6565A directional panel antennas behind view screens above the roof of the gymnasiumThe antennas is at an effective height of about 32 1⁄2 feet above ground, 4 1⁄2 feet above the roof (click here for details).

Note that at the same places, 3 similar antennas of T-Mobile, AT&T Mobility, and Sprint are already in use.

Lynbrook High Proposal Cell Tower Installation