The Verizon representatives who attended various city and school district meetings were not Verizon decision makers, which means Verizon has not heard our strong oppositions!  
Call Verizon 1-888-844-0375 ext 4020834

Write to Verzion

Public Relations Manager for Verizon: Heidi Flato (
Write to Verizon: North California President - Contact Russ Preite  (fill form to email)

Distribute Flyers

Please help us distribute the following flyers to your neighbors and friends to raise the community awareness of cell tower impacts.

"Save Our Kids and Protect the Property Value": a one-page flyer encouraging people to make donations.
"No Tower in Schools": a two-page flyer
"No Tower in Campus": a PPT file comparing what Verizon's plans say and what our parents' research finds out, and explaining why we are opposing any cell tower installations in schools.
"No Cell Tower in Schools -- Lynbrook High Version": a PPT file with detailed info about Verizon's cell tower installation plan in Lynbrook High, and why we parents are against Lynbrook's plan and all cell tower installations in any schools.

Sign Petitions

Please print out this petition form "No Wireless Antenna Towers In any Cupertino school", and help us collect signatures from your neighbors/friends. Paper signatures usually have more weights than online signatures. After you collect paper signatures, please scan and send the forms to

Or, please sign our online petition "No Wireless Towers In Any Schools of CUSD/FUHSD"

If you are FUHSD residents, please sign this petition "Void FUHSD School Board Member Bill Wilson's Voting Right on Cell Tower Installations Due to Conflict of Interests". Mr. Bill Wilson is the president of Pabellon Inc., the only provider of wireless power transfer technology to enable automatic mobile phone recharging. His business is conflict of interest from making fair and just decision on wireless transmission towers in school matter.

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