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Please support our cause with donations. 
  • All fund is used for legal action and advertisement. It's tax deductible
  • Suggested amount: $100--500. But any amount is great appreciated. This fund is not only for stopping installation of new tower, but also for removing existing towers. We have to take legal action to reach our goal as FUHSD stand by all cell companies and ignores our voice.
  • This fund-raise belongs to NoTowerInSchools non-profit organization. All members in this organization are volunteers. All fund-raise are transparent. You can request all statements of fund and cost. We have monthly statement of Paypal showing fund in, as well receipts of cost. Please contact us by email: notowerinschoolsinfo@gmail.com.
  • As our statements show every donor's name and amount, if you do not want to release your name and amount, please notify us by email.
  • Please also help distribute the following donation flyer to your friends and neighbors:
Donate by Check

Please write the check to "NoTowerInSchools", and mail the check to PO Box 700521, San Jose, 95170.

Donate by PayPal

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